• Five things influencers should do to grow on Instagram
    28 January 2019

    Five things influencers should do to grow on Instagram

    Influencers’ number is increasing in the UAE, as many brands depend on them to attract more engaged audience. Instagram has become home for social media influencers more than other platforms. Instagram influencers can sparkle if they follow some rules. Some of them are:

    1. Stories on the run: Stories are daily life activities. It’s a great tool Instagram added to engage followers to follow up with influencers’ life. Most influencers use this tool to attract as many followers as they can. If you want your story to appear in the search page, don’t be boring; engage your followers with an interesting one. Other options for stories are the “poll” feature or “Ask me a question”, as they generate curiosity and also introduce influencers to their followers.

    2. Professional photos: What’s Instagram without professional photos? Professionalism shouldn’t be only in the written content but also in the visuals. Try to do continuous photo-shoots by known photographers, tag them and let your followers enjoy looking at every single detail, instead of posting random, blurry ones.

    3. Influencers’ collaboration: If you are new in the field, you have to get to know as many influencers as you can because they will help you through the journey. They are always busy in events that make them shine and stand out from the crowd. Get to know them, introduce yourself, they will back you up and help enriching your Instagram feed.

    4. Clarity: Your followers expect to see what your bio says about you, which tells what your feed will have. Be clear and consistent while writing it. For instance, if you are interested in healthy food, your feed should show how to keep fit and healthy. Don’t talk about everything and show others that you are over-qualified, it is vague.

    5. Be social: As an influencer in social media, you have to have a conversation with your followers. Respond to their comments and answer their inquiries. As mentioned before, try to engage them by asking questions in your Instagram story or even have polls so they will take it as a chance to share ideas and give feedback. This is important because they might tell others about you and how social you are.