• Five reasons why brands should work with influencers
    28 January 2019

    Five reasons why brands should work with influencers

    Influencers are the most transparent and trustworthy two-way communication between their followers and brands. Working with influencers is important for many reasons. Here are the top  five:

    1. Trustworthy: Most people, me as an example, trust influencers when it comes to buy a certain brand. This might be because most of the influencers and their followers are from the same generation or follow a certain trend, so they might share interests.
    2. Engagement: Influencers are able to engage their audience when they are talking about a certain brand, especially if they are creative in delivering the message. This will help in increasing reach and impression and also having more engaged audience.
    3. Fresh minds: Most influencers are in their 20s or 30s, so they still have fresh information from their qualifications, plus their own experience and perspectives that can help enriching the brands’ marketing strategies.
    4. Experts: Influencers spend their lives shuffling between different social media platforms, so they are familiar with the different ways of engaging their followers and communicating the message of the brands in the right way.
    5. Creativity: Influencers are smart enough to attract their followers by thinking outside the box. One way they use is writing in an attractive way that makes you feel that this is the most suitable option or they put a picture for them having something from certain brands and write “tap for details” as a caption under the picture, and of course curiosity will take you to the brands’ official page.