• Why social media influencers are influential?
    28 January 2019

    Why social media influencers are influential?

    We’ve always talked about influencers, and how they are a great tool many brands depend on to shine and attract more people to buy from to make this brand their favorite. But we’ve never talked about why they are that influential or powerful. The answer can take to more than ten pages long, but here’s a summary of what you have to know:

    1. Appearance: maybe something came up to your mind when mentioning these words. People usually prefer those of good looking and associate them with credibility and trustworthy. Think of these posts on social media when there is a charismatic person marketing or campaigning for a certain product. This opinion might influence the decision of followers in a positive way and leads to positive associations between influencers and brands.
    2. Similarity: People like following other who they have things in common with. Those influencers are people who are mostly from the same age group, which means that they share interests, behaviors and demographics. Psychologically, this means that followers know themselves from the people they follow, which help in shaping their personal identity. At the end, followers get to know their influencers very well and whether what they are talking about is true or not.
    3. Experience: Social media influencers show you in many ways how expert they are in a certain field. For example, when you saw a female influencer making a makeup tutorial that turned to be amazing, you immediately start following her and checking her updates for new videos. In this case, it shows that the degree of influence depends on the power the influencer has in a certain area and how much they are familiar with and how far they are able to gain their followers’ trust.