• Why influencers shouldn't be buying followers?
    28 January 2019

    Why influencers shouldn't be buying followers?

    As an influencer, you should be trustworthy and credible to others. Unfortunately, some influencers buy followers so their accounts grow bigger, which shows others that they are the central of interest, but they are totally wrong. What’s the problem of getting people by my side to support me? Well, this can be a disaster for many reasons, including:

    1.  No money in return: Unreal followers aren’t interested in your account or in what you’re talking about. This means that they won’t spend money in products you’re marketing, and also, won’t refer you to anyone they know. Likes and comments will be noticed by who’s in responsible that they are not as much as what a credible influencer should have. So, they might close your account.
    2. Losing of Reputation: Some people see buying followers as unethical, since it shows that you’re more popular than you should be. Jumping from a few hundred followers to thousands will mark a question in the head of your followers that how did this happen. Therefore, when people figure it out, you will feel ashamed of yourself and your reputation will be drowning.
    3. Get caught: It’s easily that those in responsible in social media platforms will know that your account is unreal and you’re just pushing people to follow you. In this stage, your license won’t mean anything and credibility won’t be part of your name anymore.
    4. Troubles with followers: These followers might spread problems and spam your account. They might write comments on your posts that you’re fake and trying to increase the number of followers by buying them. When your real followers know about this, they will question your credibility and honesty. Most of them will stop following you and will mark you as “tricky”.