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About SocialEye

  • About us:

    Social-Eye is an easy and secure platform that connects influencers with brands. It is a credible and trustworthy new platform that was developed by 7awi.com that highlight value to all stakeholders while complying with United Arab Emirates’ regulations. It is simple to join socialEye. You should identify your role as an Influencer or a Brand/Agency. We invite you to get familiarized with SocialEye with this video:

    As an influencer:

    First, you must be eligible to be an influencer in the UAE. Make sure you review the introduction and eligibility.

    Second, you have to sign up by adding your information. The more information you provide the better the platform can help you find new opportunities and connect you with the right campaigns from brands and agencies. Take your time to provide as much information about yourself. Third, make sure you upload the necessary documentation for verification.

    SocialEye will help you with the registration of your business and in getting the verification from National Media Council (NMC).

    Note: Registration through SocialEye will provide you a generous discount on license fees.

    Fourth, identify the target audience. This is critical as it helps potential clients identify your strength and reach you. Identify geography, demographics, interests, etc. The more specific you are, the better the results.

    As an Agency or Brand:

    You are able to search and filter your results based on your interests. You will be able to see influencers’ information including important information that helps you better locate the influencer you need for your campaign. SocialEye will continue to bring new features based on data we capture.

    Social Eye can be summarized below as:

    • A platform that updates you with the latest news of influencers in the UAE.
    • A trustworthy platform with verified influencers. Don’t risk your business and brand reputation.
    • A guide for UAE influencers to comply with NMC regulations. 
    • Allowing influencers (no matter how many followers) to connect directly with brands and agencies.
    • SocialEye is a bilingual platform covering all major social media platforms

    • To be an influencer inside the UAE can’t be easy until you follow the guidance that are listed in the NMC website. These general conditions are:
      • Being a UAE or GCC resident who is at least 25 years old.
      • Has a good reputation and not sentenced to criminal acts.
      • Be qualified and has special conditions in the chosen activity.
      • Paid for the duration of the license.
      • Personally complete the procedure or delegate it to someone with an unauthorized memo.
      • Shouldn’t be a member of the NMC.
      • Doesn’t have any financial dues to the council.

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